My name is Elisabeth Dubus. I am a glass wearing Belgian art nerd (pictured right). I have a terrible sense of direction. Except when it comes to art. I've been in it as soon as 3 years into existence and haven't really let it go since. I love the freedom encrusted into its deep rigid preconceived ideals. Unfortunately this is just an about page so i can't delve into this, but feel free to ask about it during my employment interview. 

I believe in being a Human Sponge. I absorb everything. To avoid over-saturation of redundancy and routine, i travel a lot.  I lived in China for 5 years and moved to the US in 2014. I have visited over 15 countries.

I believe in experiences and emotions. As far ranging from that incredible feeling of placing a fingernail between the top and bottom lids of a brand new iPhone to slit that sweet piece of thin plastic, to the horrendously exacerbating feeling of being stuck in a public restroom out of toilet paper. Both singular, but both so truly real and palpable. 

I hope to make you feel and experience, and give you Human Sponge saturating-worthy content. 

Stay real,